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fter a parenthesis in Spain with Oviedo, at 32 the Kenyan is free.

We are in 2011, and the promising El Kabir arrives in Cagliari from Mjällby. The new Zlatan. Like so many players alongside Ibrahimovic, even the naturalized Dutch Moroccan was unable to retrace the footsteps of the Galaxy giant.

Having landed in Sardinia, El Kabir immediately goes to the beach to exchange a few passes with the fans: immediately an idol. Even more after the debut, with a goal, against Roma. Then, nothing more. According to many, it was a malformation to his teeth that caused him to miss most of the rest of the season, playing just seven games before returning to Sweden.

After years in Sweden and a hit and run in Saudi Arabia, El Kabir currently plays in the Turkish league. He has never proved to be a great striker, amid injuries, technical choices and discontinuities: thirty years ago what he can with the Kalmar shirt.

Those with a long eye will surely remember Nef, a Swiss defender who challenged Napoli in the second leg in the Europa League and will challenge Napoli. 36 years old, he played in Italy at the beginning of his career. With positive notes only in Serie B.

It is the two-year period 2006-2008 and Nef plays two positive seasons with Piacenza, in Serie B. Radja Nainggolan also plays in the same team, who will have a decidedly different career. In red and white he was noticed by Udinese, but with the bianconeri he will play just two matches in Serie A, but also two in the then UEFA Cup. Then the farewell, in silence.

After Huelva, Triestina and Young Boys, Nef joined Zurich in 2013, with which he won six trophies and played several editions of the Europa League. Among other things, Udinese had bought him from this specific Swiss team, with which he played most of his career.

Dutch midfielder, born in ’92, he arrived at Chelsea at a very young age after the explosion in Vitesse. With the Blues he made his debut in the Premier and Champions League, showing his great talent but also the worrying tendency to injuries.

In the summer of 2014, Milan decided to bet on him, but for much of the season Van Ginkel remained a mysterious object. Then, suddenly, in March he started playing all the games, also finding his first Serie A goal against Roma. A flash that did not last long, as Milan decided not to redeem him.

After a stint in the Premier League at Stoke, Van Ginkel returned to the Netherlands in February 2016, moving to PSV. A choice that changed his career: the former Milan has in fact found an impressive consistency of performance and this season, culminating in the victory of the title, has even scored 14 goals.

One of the most coveted full-backs at the time of Ajax, an important pawn of the PSG Champion of every French competition. Van der Wiel could have been one of the greatest outsiders in Europe, but he got lost in gossip and discontinuity almost immediately. Having played for the Parisians still gives him great international prominence, although it is not always essential.

After four years at PSG, at the age of 28, he begins his journey outside France. Not really exciting. Disappoint at Fenerbahce, disappoint at Cagliari. Welcomed with some doubts but with a lot of hope by the rossoblù fans, the player will ask to be sold, after just six months and five flop matches, due to a fight for salvation. Too little for him.

Van Der Wiel, together with his beautiful Rose Bertram, therefore arrives in the MLS. In Toronto he does what he can, but even here he fails to be satisfied: accused the club of not wanting to win, unlike him, on January 24, 2019 he officially left the Canadian club.

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