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We can only rejoice at the sudden awakening and the newfound “gentist” verve. But yes, the very one reproached for years by the plebeian grillini and now in vogue among the elites. In short, Fico, do the pleasure, don’t do it anymore. It alarms the country, the poor users of bus 85 are at risk and above all reveals a complex mechanism of Italian politics: the Taliban takes turns a bit, and now it’s up to the big authoritative and responsible newspapers. Well, it will be the famous alternation.

Now that we know from Tempe in Arizona that the famous algorithm behind the wheel can be as disastrous as the country drunk zigzagging home, we feel a little better: maybe we won’t be governed by machines (which anyway, compared to those who govern us has been a suggestive hypothesis for decades). But, as often happens, the ordinary citizen does not even have the faintest idea of ​​the progress that, unbeknownst to him, research in automation is making. Here is the point of the situation

The self-driving car. The car that drives itself had greatly worried the big insurance companies: if no one puts anyone under anyone, what happens to us? Anguished dilemma solved in Tempe, Arizona, one less problem, do you see that research is needed? Now another question is at the center of the most advanced studies: how do you find a parking space? Uber and Google are studying a self-driving car with a mini-concrete mixer that flattens the sidewalk and draws stripes on it, in the more expensive models equipped with a chainsaw algorithm to cut trees and park for them. The asphalt machine for the holes is almost ready. Some concern on American school campuses for fear of new massacres: “Oh, no! Have they fired on their comrades again? ”. “No, they made up dad’s car.”

Self-driving public works. A very secret all-Italian experiment, the autonomous Grand Opera will revolutionize many sectors of public life. It is an algorithm that evaluates projects, economic implications, contracts, public concessions, and then entrusts the work for large infrastructure projects to a friend of his. It will be a real revolution, because the work that is being done today by hundreds of politicians, entrepreneurs, large cooperatives, mediators, facilitators, traffickers, lobbyists, couriers of unmarked small denominations, will be performed by a machine. Great repercussions also on the judiciary, because an algorithm can sustain long interrogations even without drinking or eating and is not so stupid as to deliver bags of cash to the bar. Of course there will remain a margin of human error, such as an engineer and councilor intercepted. “They’ve been questioning him for three days, are we taking risks, cumpà?”. “But no, don’t worry, the algorithm does not speak”.

The self-driving wife. Here’s a case where experimentation is going awful. The revolutionary algorithm of the Italian wife should include nerves of steel, athletic ability and lightning reflexes to avoid bullets from husbands, throwing stones and dishes, assaults with edged weapons and other assaults, skills that should be strengthened in the event of separations and divorces , when he shows up armed like Rambo because “Honey, we need to talk”. The world of research is divided and there are those who ask for a change of perspective (“Why don’t we study the husband-less-asshole algorithm?”), But for now it is only a theoretical debate (also because the funders of the research are all men).

The self-driving PD. Politics could not be missing from the most advanced research on artificial intelligence. The experimentation made in the Democratic Party in recent years has been very disappointing. Coordinate secretary, first, second, third hour worshipers, political commentators, titolists and backstories, Leopolde decorators, psychoanalysts, incapable writers of phony reforms, and then reprogram them to become opponents of the first, second, third hour, then write all the tweets , invent hashtags … even the algorithm eventually breaks my balls and votes for someone else.

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